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SL Raid Progress
Updated 12/15/2013
Triumph of D Q         4/4
Endless Eclipse        0/5
Frozen Tempest       0/4
Grim Awakening       0/4
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ESO NDA lifted

Bullwraith, Feb 16, 14 12:09 PM.
The NDA for ESO beta players has been fully lifted. We are free to discuss what we've seen.

Rift 2.6 is LIVE!

Bullwraith, Feb 12, 14 2:14 PM.
The golden age of Dimensions has dawned in Telara. Dream Weave your way into an Update bursting with content: a new tradeskill, 15 new Dimensions, Unstable Artifact sets, and Pet Skins, plus a new Bounty System and the first phases of the Air Saga storyline.

RIFT 2.5: SONG OF DREAMS 11/6/13 Highlights!

Bullwraith, Nov 6, 13 3:56 PM.

*** Queuing as a fully pre-made LFD group now results in repeating the same dungeons less often.

Mini-Saga: Song of Dreams

Return to Ember Isle, where expeditions are mysteriously disappearing undersea. Brave madness (and drowning) to discover a new menace to Telara amid the Song of Dreams. Once you hear it, there's no going back!

WARRIOR - Many Many Changes. Beastmaster/ Champion/ Paladin/ Paragon/ Reaver/ Riftblade/ Tempest/ Warlord! Read all about it!

Iron Pine Peak (27-35)

Planar Attunement Nexus - 3 new ones! Nature, Cinder and Storm, Plus PvP Tier 3!

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Click the link below to go directly to the official patch notes.

RIFT 2.5 Song of Dreams

November 6th!

Bullwraith, Oct 31, 13 2:40 PM.

LOTS of new content coming. 2.5 will add in a level 60 version of the Drowned Halls sliver as well as a completely revamped level 60 version of Deepstrike Mines that features new encounters and ...

Click THIS to read more!

Now, keep in mind that not all of this content will hit live servers on November 6th. Trion intends to stagger... 

Dev Tracker: PvP Updates, PTS Underwater Content

Bullwraith, Oct 30, 13 3:03 PM.

After last Friday’s news about RIFT 2.5 and the road leading toward 3.0 and the Plane of Water, Trion chose a pretty cool time to drop a new update on the Public Test Shard (PTS). Yep, the Ember Isle underwater content that’s going to serve as a prelude to what we may see in 3.0 is now available for player testing! ….

Link to the article...

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